IWMI’s work in Pakistan, which dates back to 1986, directly supports the efforts of federal ministries and provincial government departments to improve water-use efficiency and increase agricultural productivity at multiple (farm/irrigation/basin) scales in the Indus River Basin. Our priorities – elaborated with development partners and a wide range of national and provincial stakeholders – are to support the design and implementation of effective policies on water, food and climate; improve water-use efficiency and increase agricultural productivity; and build stronger water institutions at all levels. Key research areas include disaster risk monitoring and climate resilience, water resources assessment, irrigation modernization, agricultural water management and capacity building. IWMI’s strategy is centered around three strategic programs – Water, Food and Ecosystems; Water, Climate Change and Resilience; and Water, Growth and Inclusion – each supported by high-quality science and digital innovation. IWMI also supports the efforts of Pakistan to meet its targets towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Dr. Mohsin Hafeez, Country Representative, IWMI, Pakistan

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